Saturday, February 28

Lets all hate Ebay

I am contemplating murder.

I loathe Ebay and I want to destroy it completely. Simple murder is too kind. A horrid painful death involving boils and rottingness seems mild, really. Ebay's death should be quick (as in soon) but extremely horrid. really nasty, just so it finds out what it feels like to be an Ebay customer, even if only for a few minutes. That'll learn it.

Ebay seems to stand for so much that is horrible, especially in this dawning new day and age. With the CC crunching away, we seem to be entering a new era. Ebay will take years to catch on, if it ever does. It stands for so much that is vile. Presumption, rudeness, restrictive trading practices and so on. It perceives itself above the law, continuing, for example, to make knives and alcohol available to the under-aged. Ebay - their word is law, even if that word is actually outside the law. And Ebay fails to service its sellers. I know you are not interested in my Ebay ranting, but it is a vile monopoly and, PLEASE, can someone rich start up a meaningful alternative. Like, NOW? It would 't need to do much, just offer a decent customer service along with the one thing Ebay doesn't understand and that's choice.

It feels like going back a century going onto Ebay. Which begs the question, where is the 21stc alternative? And why has it taken so damn long?

And then along came 'Anon' and showed me Bonanzle - never heard of it; it looks great. There must be other places, not Amazon and not Craig, but different places that are starting to get going and that deserve to drain Ebay of its life blood. Let's make a list: which is UK based
ebid also UK based


I, Like The View said...


you're not happy, are you?

I've only used it once or twice, years ago, as a buyer

found what I wanted, reasonably priced, arrived as promised, no complaints. . . did notice that around xmas it was being pushed as some kind of new shopping alternative to the high street. . .

when I used it it reminded me of a kind of car-boot sale with library style classification facilities (ie you could home in on what you wanted really quickly, without having to search thru people's rubbish for too long)

sorry you're not having a good time of it all

Anonymous said...

There are actually quite a few alternatives out there. The best one I've seen is Bonanzle. Free and easy to list. Small fees when sold. Check it out, you'll start smiling again.

the Beep said...

Hi Anon

Great tip, and I like the look of it... but it seems to be 99% US based. I'll give it a go but worry that the shipping costs will put people off.

What I LOVE is that you thought of somewhere else for me to try. Thank you for that, Anon.

I'm going to add a bit to the post and see if we can't create a list of alternatives to the dreaded bay.