Monday, March 10

How do you spell that again?

My teenager turned 14 last month and this seems to have propelled him into the age of the 'grunt'. Trouble is he's dragged me along too, kicking and screaming.

It's an amazing change in him. He's taken non-communication to new levels. Even when texting,
For two days a week, he is with his mum, and thus we text quite a lot. But nothing prepared me for the 'teen grunt-speak' by text.

The other day I got one that just read "Yh". Now if that isn't how you spell a teenage grunt, I don't know what is.

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I, still, ♥ the views said...


it is

I've had that by text a few times. . .

mine is six months or so ahead of yours, and - despite the spots and the non-occurrence of washing - now spends a lot of time grabing me and hugging me, nestling up to me on the sofa (suddenly realising his head is on my non-existent boobs but in the wrong place anyhow and a cushion is shoved between us) and a lot of time asking how I am, how was my day, telling me that he loves me. . .

I'm sure it's just a phase and he'll be grunting again soon


(or will he. . .)