Friday, March 7


Thought that would get you attention Thursday. I am quite convinced there are a lot of slightly risque and definitely cringe making puns to be had about my Thursday activities, but I'll leave you, oh gentle four readers, to make your own jokes.

For, actually, it's Mig who I need to tell something to. I know you're not going anymore Mig, but you have competition. There is a photographer selling photos. There seemed to be of pretty flowers and so on.

She's an amazingly grumpy woman.

She drives a Subaru. She leaves her car wherever she pleases, blocking the aisles and making life difficult for those around her.

Well, she did yesterday. Perhaps under her gruff exterior beats a heart of gold. Perhaps she'll learn the ways, whys and wherefores of the market.

But her prescence was not appreciated yesterday by the nearby stall-holders (that's not me, luckily). I have no information as to whether she was appreciated by the 'punters' of Oxford. However, I had another good day, selling all but one chair (and those two rotten lights) of the furniture you see above.

My guess is the recession is really beginning to bite now.

And that's got to be good news.


Thursday said...

Thursday is seriously going to have to check this market out on a Thursday soon.

the Beep said...

Don't do it this Thursday Thursday: I'm not there and I'd hate to miss you...

mig bardsley said...

I also will have to do some checking out, obviously :)
Perhaps we could combine a Thursday :)

I, still, ♥ the views said...

well done! glad it's working for you

(now, do I mean the headline grabbing readers, or your success at the market. . .)