Monday, December 15

And A Very..

... Happy Christmas to you.

Struggling with a very fickle internet connection. I have to use a dongle these days and the connection is, to say the least, a little hit and miss. It is also slow.

Like me, you may just be old enough to remember dial-up connection. Well hello, that's what I have, in terms of speed anyway. Conducive to blogging it is not.

One day I will get sort, but that will take something I don't have: money.

Plenty of changes to report, one day, when I have the item and the connections.

Thanks for stopping by


Thursday said...

Happy Christmas to you too Beep. Hope the new year brings peace, happiness and a better connection!

I, Like The View said...


sorry I missed this

hugs for your festive season - even if they are belated ones, slacker