Tuesday, December 16


also known as a cable.

and that's what I got. A 5m usb cable and so far, everything crossed, my internet speed has risen from dead stop to satisfactory because I can hang my dongle out the window (insert own joke here).

yesterday for example, between 10am and 5pm I managed to upload two books to ebay for sale (check out The Name of the Rose, or Magellan to find my shop). Today, since 5:15 and now (about 6pm) I'm already on my second book.


it looks like I may be able to bore you with my self-pity again soon.

happy holidays to all


Thursday said...


I, Like The View said...

she said it first

(I must learn how to subscribe to feeds, or whatever the techincal term is)

I used a dongle earlier in the year - a bit slow and slightly limited, but it came up with the goods if one was patient