Wednesday, February 24

I'm not laughing anymore

Because its not funny. £800 per week's worth of not funny. Having to sell everything that you treasured as a kid growing up to fund the £800 a week kind of not funny. Seeing family things go under the hammer, not funny. I feel like I am stealing from my son to sell things of my Mums to fund her £800 a week needs.
I've sold her home. I'm selling her furniture, her car. Where do I stop? What do I get to keep to remember my mum by? I have the husk of my mum, but I don't have my mum anymore. What does her only grandson get? He's only 16, but he's going to end up with nothing from her life, because the public guardian says I have to sell it all because the bloodyfucking government won't see dmentia as an illness and fund care.
She worked her whle working life after I was born in the NHS as an OT. And what does she have to show for it? She has dementia. She doesn't know her only son. She's only 82 (last Saturday).
And actually, its a very long way from being funny.


Sycorax said...

Big, fat hug. I'm thinking of you and hope you'll feel better soon.

gemmak said...

Do I know you 'elsewhere'? I have a feeling I might?

the Beep said...

Red Antiques :))))

mig said...

Oh Beep, I'm so sorry, (belatedly).
It's an appalling situation and there's no happy outcome to be seen.

mig said...

That would be Hugs.

mig said...

Happy Christmas?