Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Well well well. Ho Ho Ho.

How nice of MIG to pop in and say happy Christmas.
It's been a pretty rotten year really, so hopefully this Christmas marks an end and a beginning too, as we cross from the bad old into the unknown but hopefully good new year

Mostly I am to be found on Twitter - @redantiques. Thursday is there but doesn't follow me back for some reason, and Fran too, but no one else I met here, so far, that I know of. I'd love anyone, everyone, to pop over there and say hello. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and if you are a bit apprehensive - don't be. It's a laugh.

I'm on Facebook too, as me.

I feel good about 2011 and hope you all can share a great year with me. I sense huge personal changes. As for now, we are in yr 1 of the sixth form after a good crop of O levels, sorry, GCSEs, and anx-ing about university and what to read. Or whether to even apply.

Home life is back to single status again after a brutal dumping earlier in the year. Not kowing why is cruel, but there you go. I never will.

So, even though I am in year three of avoidance of the drop (other than in the odd tiramisu), I raise my glass of Ribena to each an every one of you. And with my red cheeks, grey hair and ruddy smile, I feel well qualified to wish you a very hearty and extraordinarily happy Christmas


mig said...

Oh Beep, I'm sorry - I'll have to move your blog up to the roll of live ones! I missed this.
I do hope this is a better year for you - I don't tweet (though I do twitter on a lot) and I loathe facebook but I can still just about keep up with blogging!
So, so sorry to hear about the cruel bits but on the other hand how exciting about the lovely lad.
Raising a coffee to your Ribena (well done that, I could do with cutting down on the grape a bit).

english inukshuk said...

hey you! hope that 2012 has been a good one, that you're all fired up forthis festive season and wishing you all (yes, all) the very best for 2013!